Postcard Campaign

Postcard Campaign

The Sick of Plastic Campaign, which is jointly led by VOICE Ireland and Friends of the Earth, is joining with people all over the world taking part in Plastic Free July. The aim of Plastic Free July is to get more people thinking about the levels of plastics in their lives and to implement changes to reduce their plastic consumption.

To this end Sick of Plastic have launched a Postcard Campaign directed at the 5 big supermarkets in Ireland asking them to up their game in reducing the amount of single use plastics in shops.

The postcards are being distributed to hubs across the country to be made available to members of the public to sign. If you would like to get involved in this campaign and volunteer to be a hub for postcards then get in touch at For more information on what is involved please see the attached instructions.

If you are unable to get involved as a hub but would still like to support the campaign please check out the digital version of the postcard where you can sign online to show your support. You can sign up here.




Would you like to get involved and act as a hub for the Sick of Plastic Postcards?

How does it work?

  1. Send an email to giving us your address and how many postcards you think you can distribute.
  1. Display the postcards somewhere convenient for you and your customers and provide a collection box for signed postcards. We will provide you with a poster to put on your collection box to explain the process to customers. 
  1. Tag us on social media with pictures of the postcards on display (it’s a great way to advertise your business!). 
  1. At the end of the month we will arrange collection of the postcards from you.  
  1. Once we have received postcards back from all around the country they will be collated and delivered to the HQ of the 5 Supermarkets to tell them that we are Sick of Plastic and need their help to address this issue.  


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