Go Zero - The Zero Waste Directory of Ireland

A handy directory and map of our local stores selling unpackaged/plastic-free goods.

What is Go Zero?

Go Zero is the zero waste directory of Ireland.
The aim of this project is to provide an online platform to assist consumers and businesses reduce their plastic consumption and waste through everyday choices and action. Go Zero houses information about bulk food stores, the shops offering refill options, plastic-free markets, zero waste events, workshops and news articles & tips – making it easy for people to take steps towards a Zero Waste lifestyle.

Why Go Zero?

Out of Europe’s worst plastic waste offenders, Ireland is ranked the worst in Europe.
Each year, we produce 61kg per person – which is the equivalent of nearly 6000 disposable coffee cups or more than 2000 water bottles – for each and every person in Ireland. We are producing too much waste for a country of our size. Plastics and their byproducts are littering our country, our roads, our seas, our rivers, and now our bodies. We need to find solutions.

What are our goals?

The aim of this project is to knock Ireland off the no.1 spot of Worst Plastic Polluter in Europe.
By highlighting the many zero waste stores and businesses around Ireland, we hope to make it easier to find a plastic-free alternative near you. We don’t have all the country covered just yet, but we are busy working on it, and each day new listings are added to the directory.




Get Involved
A lot of the information on this site is crowd-sourced. We encourage consumers and business owners to report their plastic-free options and shopping choices.
As an individual, if you spot a great store, or event or product, send us a tip.
As a business, fill in your details and you’ll be added to the directory shortly.

Together, we can all grow this dircetory to be the best resource it can be.

Your Tips

“Nicky’s Village Market in Kilcoole offers a huge range of fruit and veg that is unpackaged. They also have biobags available so if you forget a reusable one you can at least avoid a plastic one.”
“Sophie’s Soaps makes handmade zero waste cosmetics including soaps. These items can be collected or delivered in reused packaging. Can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.”
“Liquid Soap and Body Wash Refills at the Sunvale Soap Co stall at the milk market , LImerick. Also Solid Body Butter. Buy by weight. No packaging. All natural, handmade in Ireland, vegan & palm free… Every Saturday 7am – 3pm”
“Newbarn farm shop N2, Ashbourne, Co. Meath. Plenty of loose fruit and veg, a deposit return scheme for their orange juice bottles, cardboard punnets for strawberries, etc”
“Hi there, congrats with the launch of your website, a great idea! In Rathmines, the Hopsack does some refills. In the Carrot’s Tail in Rathmines, there are some zero waste nuts, seeds, rice, etc options.”


Recent News

New rules and better eco design make household appliances more sustainable

New EU rules are adopting ‘eco-design’ to make it easier to repair everyday household appliances and reduce waste. Improving the ecodesign of products such as refrigerators, televisions, washing machines and dishwashers to keep in line with the ‘Energy efficiency first‘ principle will require manufacturers to make spare parts available and to ensure they can be easily […]

Voice for the Planet

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Global Strike for Climate Action

Today is the day. What is anticipated to be the largest climate protest in history! Global Strike for Climate Action on September 20th. Here is all you need to know about strikes in Ireland: Dublin: Gathering 12:00 at Customs House, marching at 12:30 to Merrion Sq., rallying 13:00 – 14:00 at Merrion Sq. in front […]