Open Sesame


We have been in business since 1988. With that much experience and two quality health food stores in Gort and Ennis, we like to think that we offer the same quality service on the web as we do in-store, with free packaging & shipping on purchases over 50 euro, constantly updated special offers and exciting new products added all the time.

When Sally first opened the doors of Open Sesame in 1988, a passion for good quality food, low impact living, and helping others was what drove her to enter the world of Health Food Retail. While the shelves are no longer made from wood off-cuts, and transactions are computerised rather than on pen & paper, Sally’s philosophy has remained at the centre of what we do. We pride ourselves on stocking the most up to date supplements, staying abreast of the most recent research, investing in staff training and helping people to lead a fuller, happier lifestyle. People’s awareness of the health food industry has grown considerably since we first opened in Ennis. Things like organic food, special dietary needs, and supplements play a much bigger part in people’s lives nowadays. With this new website we will do our best to provide the expert advice and efficient service that we provide in-store.