Obeo Living

Obeo Living

Sustainable, compostable and plastic free products


At Obeo we are committed to making sustainable living accessible to everyone. We believe that with the right tools and information we can all make changes that create positive environmental impact. We do this through a range of products that are environmentally and socially responsible without compromising the users need for convenience and quality. Obeo is all about the little changes that make a big impact.

Our first product, Obeo, is a compostable box for kitchen food waste. Simply pop open on the counter top and fill with food waste. When it’s full throw it into the brown bin (outdoor organic bin) and start over with a fresh box. It’s a win-win for the user and the environment. It’s made from water-resistant paper so it can handle wet food waste. The natural paper fibres allow food waste to breathe preventing smells in the kitchen or office. The cardboard layer provides strength and structure so it stands up on the countertop for easy access. Obeo will also stay intact in the brown bin (outdoor organic bin) until it’s collected so no more cleaning those dreaded bins.

We have recently expanded our range to include eco-friendly and 100% plastic free kitchen and garden accessories. From microplastics in our drinking water to floating plastic islands in our oceans, there is no doubt that we need to reduce our dependence on synthetic products. But how? The Obeo Living range helps you to look after your health and our environment by offering a sustainable alternative to synthetic disposable products without compromising on convenience or quality. These include; compostable paper sandwich bags, natural fibre dish brushes and super-strong garden waste sacks.