Plastic Footprint Calculator

If you are wondering what your yearly plastic consumption is, check out the plastic footprint calculator below.

Start from your everyday needs and shopping habits. How many plastic bags do you take when grocery shopping? How many water bottles do you buy each week? Count all of them and type the values into the proper boxes.

Let’s move to the laundry, cleaning, and bathroom. Type the values that describe your needs, e.g., 4 cotton swabs/week and 4 detergents, 2 shampoo bottles, 2 refill packets per half year. Add the toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Add all disposable wastes and takeaway containers. Take-away lunch four times per week (don’t forget about the cutlery pieces), grabbing a coffee on the go twice per week, a couple drinks with straws and a plastic plate on a Sunday barbecue.

Plastic footprint calculator will add all the plastic you used throughout the year.

Remember that the plastic footprint calculator features only the basic products – your plastic footprint may be much higher if you add some other products, e.g. plastic furniture, boxes, crates, buckets, flower pots, bowls, or any other plastic items.

Plastic Footprint Calculator